Can A Laser Measuring Device Help You’re Golf Game

What a great question. I am a hacker at golf and let’s get that out of the way. If I shoot under a 100 that a Great Day! When I have played I am amazed at how much electronics people carry along with them.

Laser measuring devices, clubs that have a laser pointer, levels to make sure the puts are going in the right direction, etc. The one that impresses me the most is the laser measuring device that tells the golfer how far they are from the hole, and based on the distance they know what club to use.

It’s so precise that the measuring device is right on with the distance. So the golfer takes the right club out of the bag and lines up the ball with the hole. They take a couple of practice swings and then step up to the ball.

After looking up and down to make sure they are heading in the right direction, and a lot of serious mental gymnastics with the synchronization of the club and the swing, the golfer pulls the club back and swings to hit the ball. The ball goes straight and lands feet from the cup.

The device was spot on and the golfer made a great choice in selecting the right club. Beautiful shot all because of the information that the golfer got from the laser device.

Now their is one thing wrong with this scenario, the golfer was and excellent golfer. If I tried it there is no amount of information that will make my game better. So I guess that if your golf game is not so good your game will not get better using the device, but if you are a good golfer than the more information you have the better the game.

I have no desire to get better so the measuring device is not applicable to me but if you are a serious golfer you might want the best money can buy. All in all their accuracy is astounding so will it help your golf game, I think only if you are good enough to make it happen.

2 DIY Must Have Tools…

Every DIY’er Handyman has to have accurate tools because every home or business they work in is different, built by different people, and many times the walls are not plumb.

Are your walls plumb in your home?


Thats the best way to describe the above statement. You will never find a building, home or business, that has perfect walls. Therefore you need to make sure you are accurate with measuring and leveling.

When you call a handyman you are getting a professional that is used to working in many different locations and knows that there are going to be leveling and measuring inaccuracies. Most handyman have laser tools that are more accurate then the non laser tools.

Since technology has made tremendous strides in the DIY space you want to make sure that you keep up with the changes in technology. Several tools that are extremely low in cost and will make your life easier are the following;

  • Laser measuring device

    These devices are highly accurate and will make you look great with your finished product. A tell tale sign of not having accurate tools is when you see gaps in the finish product hidden with trim


  • Laser Leveling Device

    As mentioned earlier most walls are not plumb, which means they are uneven and not straight. When doing a DIY job you want to make sure that you can account for this problem. A laser device will give you an extremely accurate measurement allowing you to reduce the margin of error.

You can get a better idea of what tools a great handyman should use by going to where there is a great article along with videos. If you are a handyman or just a weekend DIY’er you can get an idea of what tools you need to get.

When you are doing research into what tools to get you should try to get as many as you can that utilize laser measurement technology. It’s more accurate and makes you look good as a DIY’er Handyman.



JAQX – Home Security And Automation for the DIY Enthusiast

It wasn’t that long ago if you wanted a home security system or some form of home automation, you had to contact a professional installation company, pay thousands of dollars and rely on them for monitoring and fixing problems.  It was convenient but expensive.

Recently, we learned of a company called JAQX who has set out to change that.  JAQX is a DIY home automation and home security company.  They specialize in selling to the consumer directly a collection of gadgets that any end user could install themselves in a matter of minutes.  In addition, the JAQX hub allows all of their devices and sensors to be controlled and reviewed on the user’s smart phone.

It’s really looking to be a revolutionary idea built specifically for the DIY enthusiast.  Check them out!